Space Commodore

1000 years in the future, humanity has moved out into the stars in search of new worlds. Many planets have now been terraformed and colonized, and the human race is now stretched out over several star systems.


Space Commodore was a "weekend project" of mine, I decided to see what I could get done on a restricted time frame. This is something I do quite frequently, it keeps me on my toes.

Space Commodore is a combat-based space sim, where players can choose a ship and equipment load out and take on various different space battle scenarios. 
Made to resemble a 3D version of classic vertical scrollers like Raiden, the game is vividly coloured and is almost entirely done in pixel art on low-poly meshes.


There are three unique teams to choose from:

Midgard Federation

The people Midgard are proud and proud and mighty, believing it is greater to die in battle than live a life of luxury. Because of this belief, Midgard are the largest military force in the galaxy. Although they prefer peaceful means of settling disputes.


Vega Technologies

The cutting edge of starship technology, Vega is a corporation that owns whole star systems by simple means of purchasing them. Vega control the most advanced technology in the known universe


Helioforge Industries

Helioforge is the foundry of the galaxy, mass producing sometimes 'outdated' yet extremely effective technology for their massive armoured cruisers. Helioforge prefer technology such as Autocannnons, Missiles and even Nuclear based weaponry, wasting nothing on looks. 

As the game progresses, players can earn new ships with more powerful weapons. Making for a fun afternoon game.