In The Great Forest of Grimwood, the cold north wind heralds a change, for the great Goblin King is dead without an heir and two factions of goblins stand ready to take the high throne, if you listen, you can probably hear the blades sharpening now..

Grimwood is a unique multiplayer deathmatch game, equal parts Team Fortress 2, Citadel Miniatures and World of Warcraft; Grimwood places the player in a vibrant fantasy world where two goblin hoards are fighting for dominion over Grimwood Pass.

Players can host or join in to LAN or online games to play with their friends, communicating over gamechat or using the integrated headset and gamepad support, teams can coordinate their attacks and make things interesting!

Customise your character

In Grimwood, you can have three character slots to work with, Build your goblin the way you want, customise their physical appearance, gear and create a unique moveset for battle.

There are four classes to choose from:

Might Magic


The Warrior is a Powerful foe, relying almost completely on their melee capabilities and high armour, the warrior has the ability to decide the turn of any battle or skirmish.



Thieves are the bane of any obnoxious hero. Using their stealth and cunning they can sneak up on a victim and quickly deal massive damage without any warning what so ever.



A Wizard is a conjurer of the occult, a dying profession but none the less very powerful. Wizards can cast long range spells, and use a lot of heavy damage to make up for their lack of armour or melee skill.



Alchemists are a relatively new profession. Using a volatile mixture of magic and science, Alchemists can support a horde with a bombardment of powerful explosives, but also help their team with rejuvenating elixirs.


King units

There are two main "King" units in Grimwood Pass; Krohl Foultooth the half-troll and Krogh Redeye the ice wizard, one assigned to each of the teams respectively, both guarding their team's keep.

The game is won when three key structures, placed along the river are captured and held by a team, once that is done, if the enemy king is killed, the attacking team wins the match.

Each king is incredibly powerful, with copious amounts of health, their own unique movesets and a rare item, if a team works together, they can be brought down.
Very rarely, rare king units will sawn in to a battle to make things interesting!


Players can choose to use a weapon in-game other than the one they started with. Every time an enemy dies, they will drop their weapon and another player can pick it up.

So if you want to be a wizard wielding a warrior's mace, you can! However; each class gains a secondary attack if they are using a weapon that matches their class, so the choice is up to you!

If a king unit dies, their rare weapon is also dropped; allowing the player to use The Spear of Black Ice - with it's life-stealing qualities or the Sword of Corruption which will take an enemy's gold when they die. Both of which offer a massive boost to damage and range, making them a dangerous adversary; but also a prime target for others who want the weapons for themselves.


Players will accumulate gold by killing enemies, with this gold; in-game upgrades can be purchased at a Spider Totem, including weapon power-ups, abilities and giant spider mounts.

Randomised gameplay

Grimwood bots will randomise their names, builds and tactics - making even single play interesting. Each match will always be different.

Herbs will also randomly grown throughout the course of the battle, these herbs can be harvested and used to sure ailments or heal injured players.