Heaven Battle

Heaven Battle is a little game I made while I was getting over a sickness in Nepal. I was stuck in my room for long periods of time for about a week, so naturally - new game!
I polished it off once I moved to NYC, so this is a game I made entirely in transit.

Heaven Battle lets you take the role of a little witch in training, competing to win games and breaking eachother's broomsticks. 

Although currently in development; the game features multiple levels and alternative game modes:

  • Capture the flag
  • Deathmatch
  • Team deathmatch

Pick the battle scenarios you want, start up a room and invite your friends to join in!

During battle you can also use the chat functions stated at the bottom of the game screen to chat locally, globally or in teams. If you liked playing with someone, add them to your friends list! you can play with them again if their online.