A desperate battle of gods over a broken world.

Eclipse takes place on a forming planet somewhere in the universe, where three gods fight for dominance of the world. 
The player takes on the role of an Oracle, a demigod created by one of the greater gods; Sol or Lune, to push their influence further. 

Eclipse was an experimental mix of game genres.
combining elements from RPG, Adventure and RTS game types. All combining with spectacular art, in-depth storyline, customizing options into a very unique game.

Eclipse's original version was completed in December 2010, it was presented to industry representatives, public and reviewed by the Perth Independent Game Makers Initiative (PIGMI). 

The player will fight great battles, travel huge distances and strive endlessly to please their patron god. Only to discover that the patron gods don't care about them, they are just bickering children and the Oracles are their toys.

At this point the player can choose to continue on their journey anyway and seek to conquer the planet for their god, or they can forsake their faith and serve the planet and it's natural inhabitants. Protecting it against the tyranny of the gods.

Eclipse would have to be the most emotional game I have ever made. When I made Eclipse, I was not in a good place. I was dealing with some pretty intense depression and as a result the game is an incredibly visceral experience. But it would also have to be my favourite.


There are three gods in Eclipse:

Sol's Ji-Gumo Matriarch

Sol's Ji-Gumo Matriarch


Sol is the god of the sun. He is fire, hunger and life. Sol's creations take form of flesh and fur wrapped in vibrant cloth and adorned with gold jewellery. Sol's influence changes landscapes into vast deserts and lush, sweltering jungles where his worshippers built him bigger and bigger temples.

Sol resides over his city, Solterra; a bustling, overpopulated city of mud and gold. A booming trade centre of fine cloths and spices.

Lune's Nightmind

Lune's Nightmind


Lune is the god of the moon. She is ice, darkness and the city. She has spent her years watching the cities of earth and tries to mimic them, creating towering stone pillars that resemble buildings. Her cities are deserted, the dark streets are desolate, lonely places. There is no food, no warmth the inhabitants of the city live solitary lives, forever a part of the city, never able to leave.

Lune Resides over Neccunopolis, her capitol. A massive city of stone spires, where dark shapes wander the empty streets looking for company.

Ae's Shellback

Ae's Shellback


Ae is the god of the planet it'self. Ae has no gender, it dwells in the planet's core, pushing Ether and Mana into the world and slowly drawing the fragments of land together. Ae uses the forces of the universe to do it's will, polarity, gravity and space are at it's disposal. All it wants is for it's children, the natural inhabitants of the planet to survive. 

Ae has no city, but it's prime oracle, Gambaro has constructed a great tower, Sarohnia to protect the world's natural inhabitants from the destructive powers of the Oracles.




Oracles are the chosen children of Sol and Lune, they alone have have been given the power to use Ether, the force of creation, and like the gods they use it to create life forms that do their bidding.

Oracles can do battle with their melee attacks, magic and creations. Oracles have the ability to form a skirmish force of their design, each creature has strengths and weaknesses that will drastically effect the outcome of the battle. Battle strategies can differ greatly from player to player, some prefer to charge right in and take the battle in to their own hands, some prefer to summon an army and focus on micro management of the units, whereas some prefer to send in an army and fight along side them, healing and using support magic.

Oracles will gain experience for participating in battles. Every time an oracle levels up; they will learn a new spell and a new creature design, corresponding to their chosen god. Larger creatures will take more Ether to summon than smaller creatures, making sure even low level oracles have a chance of winning.


Check out the Eclipse soundtrack! A very abstract, offbeat vibe, but wonderful.