Brave Kingdom

Explore a world of wonder and excitement, as you and your faithful pet, meet strange and interesting folks and take on the wild beasts and challenging quests of the Brave Kingdom.

Players can catch pets, find treasure and craft items. Players can set off to vanquish foul beasts or simply collect herbs and flowers to make items and chat with the dynamic characters in Brave Kingdom.




There are no levels.

In Brave Kingdom, characters don't "Level Up". Your player will become more powerful over time, but not based on "how many bears you can slay", a unique attribute calculating system allows us to worry about the numbers and you focus on doing whatever it is you want.

This means that no spells or items are "Too High Level", you are free to equip whatever you want learn any spell you want, their effectiveness is determined by how you play the game.

Dynamic in-game characters.

Brave Kingdom's characters are one of the main attractions. Each character has friends, personalities and different wants.
They will teach each other new words (sometimes wrongly), change their moods depending on how the day is, reward your friendship and remember your previous interactions.

Brave Kingdom features a wide range of fun things to do, allowing for many different play styles and levels of skill, so no matter how you like to play, there is always something for everyone.

Kadri: The Sage of Languages

Kadri: The Sage of Languages

It's a 3D RPG like no other.

Players have the ability to structure their character however they like; Characters are not only fully customisable visually, but also strategically. You can build your character the way you want them!

Pick your stats, Pick your spells, Pick your weapons and mix and match as much as you like.



Each Hero owns a Tome. This Tome tracks all of the Hero's Stats, Attributes, Journeys, Companions and also their Spells.

Heroes throughout their journey, will acquire "Spell Pages" Spell Pages can be added into a tome, and from there the Hero can memorize them. Any player can learn any spell, however bonuses to effectiveness and mana cost exist for those who specialize in one school of magic.

Might Magic

Might Magic

Might magic is for bolstering strength and calling for assistance and bravery from one's Ancestors. Placing shrines to subtly call for luck and strength in battle, while also having to ability to induce great damage in melee combat. Might magic is based off greatness, but also ballance.

Sky Magic

Sky magic eencompassthe weather. It is control over frost, water, the clouds, the wind and lightning. Sky magic is often refered to the craft of the traveller, because any traveller who can control the weather will always be free to go where they please.

Pyro Magic

Pyro magic is the ability to create fire, heat and light where there is none. Pyro magic is often looked upon with caution and it's users are often mildly isolated as the rest of the town members fear their. However Pyro magic can also be beneficial and gentle, if propperly controlled.

Swamp Magic

Swamp Magic is the magic of all thing hidden from our eyes, the magic of faries, fey sprites and other magical beings. Swamp magic invokes natural and raw magic to create spells. Utilizing poisons, shadows, plants, raw mana and even control over life and death.