New project preview shots

Here are some pretty images of one of my current Full Release titles, working titled "Joss".

A game about finding courage within yourself and the value of life outside of society's expectations.
Joss is something I came up with during my recent trip to China, Chinese culture is something I have always been a bit in love with and I try to capture some of the things and feelings I experienced in my time over there.
I spent a lot of time trying to really experience the feel of particularly Hong Kong, the mixture of Taoist temples with vibrant joss shrines and concrete walls covered in street art.

Joss is also a big deal for me, personally because it is my return to games with a more emotional narrative. After releasing a few titles purely for gameplay / action - I have decided to tackle emotive design once more and try to make something that really touches the people that play it.

Well that's the idea, I'll keep you all in the loop.
More to come soon.