OneNight videos!

Hi guys! Some love for my main project OneNight.


So I have taken these videos a little while back,  but these should give you an idea for how the game is progressing. Lots has happened since last time! And I'm looking to have a demo done by the end of next month.


But until then, enjoy these. 

Alpha engine footage (and soundtrack)

Since then, developments in the combat systems.

Shell on a bigger scale

So a lot has happened! Biggest of all I left my place in Australia and went traveling.


I went trekking and introduced video games to little Nepalese kids high up in the mountains, I travelled around the India border a lot and then finally I got really sick.

Being sick allowed me some time to get some dev work done, so I got a lot of new work to show!

I've found my new home now in New York City and have already started some collaboration work with some local artists.




Nepal was some amazing inspiration


My new home

One Night

So I have been working on a project, One Night.

This was another little weekend self expression project that kinda kept growing afterwards..
A lot.

It's been a while so I thought i'd post some shots up!

The game takes place in a fantasy world, but with modern tropes and some killer style. The game is about facing problems head on on an emotional level. But features plenty of ass kicking along the way.



Some Features implemented so far:

-The ability to txt NPCs in-game.
-A twitter feed with AI that construct and post stories about what they are doing / how they are feeling.
-enemy AI - melee and ranged.
-A lovely spell system.
-Custom character skill sets & attacks.
-The prettiest camera system you have ever seen.
-Various other things I spent a lot of time on but you probably really aren't interested in.

The engine for the game is complete now! Now on to content generation, so more to come soon!

Yolanda, Ready to kick demon ass / totally pick up.

Yolanda, Ready to kick demon ass / totally pick up.

Uhm Yes

Uhm Yes

New Camera System!

Cute weekend project yields results! 
I have made a nice new camera system that splits the x and y input of the mouse between horizontally rotating the character and vertically rotating the camera, with some hefty calculations that make the movements way too sexy - I'm feeling good about this one!

In-built clipping, zoom control, vanity cam AND; if you zoom in too close, your character fades out - effectively becoming first person, if you want it to be.

Looking nice! (If you get excited about camera systems..)

Music Credits go to Y E Λ R S

Y E Λ R S - $ZANE$ [編修]

New project preview shots

Here are some pretty images of one of my current Full Release titles, working titled "Joss".

A game about finding courage within yourself and the value of life outside of society's expectations.
Joss is something I came up with during my recent trip to China, Chinese culture is something I have always been a bit in love with and I try to capture some of the things and feelings I experienced in my time over there.
I spent a lot of time trying to really experience the feel of particularly Hong Kong, the mixture of Taoist temples with vibrant joss shrines and concrete walls covered in street art.

Joss is also a big deal for me, personally because it is my return to games with a more emotional narrative. After releasing a few titles purely for gameplay / action - I have decided to tackle emotive design once more and try to make something that really touches the people that play it.

Well that's the idea, I'll keep you all in the loop.
More to come soon.