My name is Michelle, I make games.

In saying that; I do every facet of game creation. I program, model, texture, animate and design.

My real passion is programming, I love to make my systems as efficient as possible, focusing on modular design and elegant use of syntax - It excites me, However, I also like to use my unique blend of skills to merge the disciplines together and create polished, unique (and a little odd) games.

I've been in to in building games my whole life, ever since I should have been doing my homework in highschool. I have worked on a multitude of projects, recreationally and for profit, I recently created the world's first 3D open RPG on smartphones.
When something is believed to be impossible, I like to question that.

Apart from games design; I also am passionate about travel, street culture and art. All of which I take as inspiration for my projects.

Feel free to check out me, my work and my blog; I'll be posting up weekly updates on my projects, things that interest me and whatever else I feel like at the time.